"My website doesn't do anything" is a common complaint voiced by website owners. The initial excitement the site owner experienced when he/she commissioned a website designer to create an internet presence eventually fades to disappointment or outright anger. Unrealistic or uninformed expectations are at the root of many of these frustrations.

Websites That Work

Websites that generate traffic and business do not happen by accident. They are the result of good design work, careful planning and a consistent campaign to improve the search engine ranking of that site. In short, developing websites that work, is far more work than many website owners are willing to put in.

In addition, a clear understanding of who does what is essential to getting the best results from any website. Your website designer probably has no idea how to improve search engine rankings and your SEO (search engine optimization) expert probably couldn't design a pretty graphic if he/she needed to!

As a website owner, it is up to you to understand what it takes to promote an online presence. With that knowledge you can effectively guide your 'team' of website specialists. Clear communication between a website owner and those he/she hires to design and implement a site, is vital to the satisfaction of all parties.

What You Can Do

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