A Starting Point

If you own a website and you want that website to generate business for you, you need to understand how Search Engines work. You don't need to have a college degree in the subject, but you do need to understand the basic concepts. If you only remember one thing about this article, remember this; search engines work on a text based technology (words, words, words).

Your website visitors (and how they find you)

If internet users know about your website, they can find you easily. They just type in your website address and go straight to you website. But what about all those internet users who are looking for a business like yours, yet have no idea who you are? How do these prospective clients find your website?

Most likely, just like you they fire up their favorite search engine and they type in words to describe what they are searching for. They might type "navy blue widgets" or "washington property management company" or even "Kitsap County Realtor".

When they do this, their favorite search engine quickly spews out a list of likely websites to visit.

The search engines (and how they know you)

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Tying the two together

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